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As it turns out, I could not use the icon pack without also using one or both of the two wallpapers its respective theme came with. Everyone asks me what kind of phone i have and why it look different.

Whicons - White Icon Pack. If I long press to send it to the trashcan, it doesn't do it, it takes me to the gadgets screen and wants me to pick one. Customizable icon label fonts. Touch Protector to prevent unintended operations. Personalization Muzei Live Wallpaper.

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Love the customizability and functionality. Got this recommended to me by a friend, and I like it.

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Apk download for android Apk download for pc Apk download for windows App download for android Apps for android Apps updated version. Both because I didn't using still wallpapers and because I already had a wallpaper I wanted to use with the icon pack, I was rather disappointed with this. In the Dock's place, a dark rectangular box appears with custom options for the homescreen. They're cool and conveniently accessible, but I would like to be able to reveal a hidden Dock.

You can also download com. The way the themes are set up in this launcher is narrow-minded. There's no rhyme or reason to the organization of the icons in the icon pack settings.

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You can resize folders and directly launch without opening the folder. Mix and match icons and gallery images among themes. Using the plus button to add apps to the folder rarely works, some apps disappear from folders if I long-tap the folder then tap away to cancel, as well as some other folder-related issues.

Atom Launcher for Unihertz Jelly - free download APK file for Jelly

Beyond that, it has a full recommendation from me. Just don't use a huge icon pack and you'll be fine. Like I said, enough to make me uninstall. Backs up your settings with up to three different themes and icon sets.

Won't save my screen preferences, mainly not to hide status bar. Two fingers swipe up for all apps? The description of Atom Launcher Atom Launcher allows you to use your Android Smartphone more easily and conveniently. The gesture option that un-hides a hidden Dock. Mix and match icons and gallery images among theme s.

Great launcher, recent folder-related bugs. Customization is such a huge thing for me that I know I will simply not enjoy using this launcher. But for me looks a bit close and dark. Personalization Info Watch Face.

APK Version History Atom Launcher .APK For Android

Anyways, i really love this one. Personalization WatchMaker Watch Faces.

Easy way to make my own Atom theme with my gallery and theme images. Enjoy newer, smarter Android life with Atom Launcher. The color of Atom bar, menu icon, and guideline can be changed with color picker. Gorgeous launcher, telugu mp3 songs links but it has some problems.

Atom Launcher for Unihertz Jelly - free download APK file for Jelly

Were a complete pain to fix afterwards. Makes the screen appear wide and clean. Beautiful icons, but very limited in number.

Simple and easy management of applications with a quick and easy edit mode. Hopefully it won't have problems like any other launcher that are crushing. Apk download Apk download for android Apk download for windows Apk download full version download Apk download latest download Launchers. Personalization Swift Watch Face.

Atom Launcher APK

Didn't all set correctly e. Supports customizable folders on your home screen. Personalization Black Classic Watch Face. However, the one problem I do have is enough to make me uninstall and swear off this launcher developer.

Real Weather Watch Face Reborn. Hiding the installed applications.

Once again this is back to being the best launcher Ive used over the years. This is the only launcher im using in android. Description Screenshots What's New. Backs up your settings with up to three different theme s and icon sets. It's easy to download and install to your mobile phone.

Atom Launcher APK