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If you would like to exchange spare cd-keys, post a technical support topic and private message the Staff Department Hazardous or me your spare keys. We will change things based on feedback, please reply below! In regards to the transition, I will stay around for counsel if desired and for all permission-related matters. Come over to our forums or talk to us on Discord!

Check out our instructions. If you're looking for teammates please throw your details in Hellcord forum area. Once they are confirmed to be working, the donation process will continue. Just stay true to your soul and remember what you have learnt but also do not repeat our mistakes, jab. Be sure to update your client for this to fuction properly.


Mode - paacdm Match rules will posted within the week. What players often forget about is that our job is not just about processing ban requests. Only means of fixing this is by Blizzard or the map creator. Standard double elimination bracket to begin the tournament.

Matches will be hosted on EntConnect. All games are going to hosted with an organizer present, as a referee. Some kind of integrated chat system for players who don't use e. If the other team doesn't approve a sub, you will forfeit.

If they do, this is what it will be like for everyone. If you have any questions regarding rules and our publishing procedure or announcements, feel free to contact the Management.

Why is the game not full screen? One alternative users have noted is AucT Hotkeys Tool. You're kicked once the download is finished. The mod program is specifically for you as we are working closely together with you, answering your questions in a more direct and co-operative atmosphere. You can choose the one you prefer!

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Besides oldies like haunt who have accompanied me over the past years, too, it is jabba who has been working effortlyless for the community. This is an issue with the models used within the map itself.

Hi everyone, a few months ago, we actively approached new potential moderators. There's no shielding to that as I personally experienced. No player can play on multiple teams. If you play some games, you'll see widescreen support in all its glory.

You can try deleting the map, and redownloading it, however, will likely not solve your issue. My sound is buggy with the most recent patch, how do I fix this? We are talking about new rules and discussing current ones on a daily basis.

It is currently not possible to join games from Eurobattle. Our staff is looking forward to working with you. Read more about all the updates here. Refer to one of the following posts.

Latest Updates

These issues will need to be addressed by Blizzard via a patch, or by the map creator. Also let us know if it works!

It probably did not go unnoticed as he got more publicly involved as well and as my last action as Staff Dept. Cross-patch hosting does not appear to be functional at this point in time.

You'd rather have it back to normal? So how do you do it, you may ask yourself? To maintain functionality - and not ship a stretched version of the game we all love - the pillar box has been applied in menus.

We are still looking into how the patch impacts the bots. Check our wiki for more information regarding the tiers. However, we strongly recommend you checking Discord nonetheless as this type of announcement is unreliable.

We are beta testing match-making system on the apem bot. Hello Humans, Orcs, Undead and Night elves. Spam left-click while initiating your connection If the above did not work, you can try re-installing your client. It is difficult to keep up to date with all the news and changes - which unfortunately, is a must for you and us. Enterprise Gaming is a big community.

Alternatively, you can reach us on our Discord. Instead of players directly connecting to you, they connect through a Blizzard proxy. If none of this worked, you may be temporarily banned from joining battle. Our bots have all successfully connected to the new version. The square icon is green, and I can join games, however, I'm always kicked after downloading the map.

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They have noted that they will eventually be moving to the newer patches, however, they have not specified any date regarding this. In case you always wanted to become a moderator but weren't sure if you got what it takes, then don't worry. My client does not connect to battle. The in-game is full widescreen support without any stretching. Scoreboard may not appear.


We also try to announce rule changes each Saturday to further minimize the risk of missing them. We have received a large number of questions, blink dag dig dug and have gathered a number of answers for those said questions below.

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