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About Ryan Scott, Executive Chef

Divided into two teams of seven, the chefs catered a Chicago neighborhood's annual block party. While cooking, the chefs also found out that, while an elaborate table was set up in the kitchen, hook up dehumidifier to drain they would be serving their meals at the Top Chef house.

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The chefs participated in a comparison taste test. From this point on, the winners of the Quickfire Challenge no longer received immunity from elimination. The teams were required to only use ingredients that they could get from the residents of the block.

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The chefs were given preparation time both at the Top Chef kitchen and at the field, prior to serving, on grills. The chefs drew knives to split into two teams of four. The chefs were scored for each high-end ingredient they correctly identified. In the same teams used for the Quickfire, the chefs catered a guest wedding guests to be served per team for a couple who owned a restaurant and wedding facility. Each chef had to create an upscale taco.

The winner received a five-day trip for two to Italy. In addition to receiving immunity from elimination, the winner had their Quickfire recipe placed in the Top Chef cookbook. The chefs drew knives to pair up into six teams of two. The guest judges at the dinner included film critic Richard Roeper and actress Aisha Tyler. Trying to go to bed, but I have to answer many calls and texts.

For breakfast, I usually have egg whites. Sunday is family time for me. We always try to cook dinner and have family time.

The chefs attended a performance of the improvisational comedy troupe, The Second City. Meal preparation would take place at the Washburn Culinary Institute. He is the host of an Emmy award-winning television show, Food Rush, has a namesake radio show, a cookbook, oh and of course, a restaurant, beloved Castro eatery Finn Town.

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Each chef created a vegetable platter using the various vegetables provided to them, in addition to all of the items from the entire Top Chef pantry. My executive assistant, Miles, shows up to my house and we hit the ground running. The winner received immunity from elimination. In these teams, the chefs competed in a mise en place relay race.

As the winner of the Quickfire, Dale was able to choose which pair to join to form a group of three. Their food is always on point. Team Fork, as the winner of the Quickfire, decided to cater for the bride. Each contestant was then challenged to create a dish that paired well with their beer choice.

The chefs had to utilize at least three culinary techniques in their dish. The final decision of the winner and eliminated chef was left to the judges. The chefs made desserts for the judges. Scott was handsome, charming, and known for his classic comfort food at Mission Beach Cafe.

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Since then, Scott has established himself as successful food personality. Here in his own words are a day in the life of chef Scott. In anticipation of the new program, we wanted to check in with Scott and learn more about his daily schedule.

Survey cards were filled out by the patrons of the dinner that evening and used as part of the judging process. The first team to complete all the tasks won. That way my daddy duties are number one! We discuss podcast talks, endorsement talks, and talk shows.

About Ryan Scott, Executive Chef – Cook With Ryan Scott