Clan war search matchmaking, clash of clans war leagues - explained

Long-Term versus Short-Term

Clan Matchmaking Troubles (Post Update)

If you join the clan after this point, you will become a spectator and will not be able to actively participate in the clan war. Aside from the shame of defeat, members of the losing clan will suffer a stiff penalty to their bonus loot. If we can maintain half of our clan as skilled low levels then we will be matched with similar clans who are also less likely to be fluffybunnying. Add to Collection Add new or search Public collection title.

We used to be able to find an opponent within hours of searching. After selecting the members that will go to war, the search for an opponent clan will begin, and you will be able to see the size of the clan war you are being matched for e. Instead, we try to improve our matchmaking algorithms to reduce unfair advantages from things like lopsided bases, and we will continue to do so regularly! The matchmaking algorithm uses all buildings and items.

Clash of Clans War Leagues - Explained

Matchmaking Coc Clan War Tips - memoprestige
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  • This process is based on the performance of the clan relative to other in their league.
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  • Correlation does not imply causation.
  • The below diagram illustrates this theory.

Clan War Matchmaking

Clash of Clans

Without a restriction, what can we do? Hi guys and thank you Doc Holiday for this calculator! It is up to you if you would rather find a good target for your regular army composition, or if you would instead train an unusual army to take out a specific base with a certain weakness.

Clan Wars FAQ

Matchmaking - Clash of Clans

Upgrading these as early as possible at each Town Hall level is common sense. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. You will be marked as ineligible for war until the previous clan war has concluded. What size are you looking for? The war base is your home in the war map, and the village is your home in the normal game.

Aside from the glory of victory, every participating member of the winning clan will immediately be awarded the full bonus loot they accrued from their attacks. In the War League, each group comprises eight clans, and each War League lasts for eight days. Your war base does not generate resources. By choosing to upgrade items with lower Weight first, your Base continues to grow strong without adding too much Weight until it is absolutely needed.

Your clan will always be in the friendly territory on the left side on the map. The highest strength war bases are at the top of the war map. Notify me of new posts by email.

Clan War Matchmaking Trouble Post March Update

Clash of Clans War Leagues Explained

Clan War Matchmaking

How is it possible that i'm not in the war? At the end of the league, the commander of the clan can select to award bonuses of League Medals to other players in the roster as desire and the leader will have a base number of bonuses. Be aware that your war base can not be rearranged after preparation day has ended, as any modifications you do to the war base will apply from the next war on. War bases never need to have their traps rearmed, defenses reloaded, or heroes healed, kelly as they are always ready for battle.

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Originally Posted by Greentangent. This is simply a strategy that is available to everyone, so choosing to employ it as such is a strategic decision, not cheating. Each type of item has a different Weight, and the Weight of upgrading each item can change at each level. If you want to maximize your loot, winning your attacks and winning the war the best way!

This will also encourage the lower lvl players to challenge townhall higher than them. Simply spoken, they worked on matching clans with engineered bases more often with clans that have engineered bases and maxed clans with other maxed clans. This means that the same Clan Castle troops will defend a War Base against every war attack. The opponent you are matched up with them depends entirely on your Trophies. It does not reflect your actual Base Weight.

All in all complete rubbish. In each attack, sarmassophobia fear of dating you earn loot during the attack as an individual. You can write a custom troop request by tapping your war base on the war map and changing the donation request message.

  1. Don't you just get matched up with the first clan that matches your match criteria?
  2. You can save a lot of stars for your Clan.
  3. This is the reason why the matchmaking does create problems right now.
  4. This is a map of the war zone, where clan wars take place.
  5. You do not donate troops to friendly villages during preparation day, you donate troops to friendly war bases.
  6. The preparation day begins immediately.

The war base is not the village. Originally Posted by VincentVegas. Originally Posted by Anarchos.

Players who rush to upgrade will find that they may rank lower on the War Map than highly upgraded clanmates with a lower level Town Hall. In friendly clan wars, you get to pick your opponent clan. If you win stars, you will get a bonus even if your team loses, and more importantly even if other clanmates attack the same target and score more stars.


1. Picking who you want to participate

On the Battle Day, players are capable of attacking where they can use to gather as many War Stars as they can. Players receive League Medals for their joining rewards in the War League, indian speed dating and they can use their earned medals on different items. You get exactly one shot at any given target. The high slope red line represents our current composition.

They have a wide range of benefits, from increasing the war win bonus to reducing the cooldown time for requesting troops. Let's start off by saying that I am a defenseless player, in a defenseless war clan. In the game, each league will run once per session and once every session.

Your war win bonus is completely your own and reflects your performance in the war. In a game of strategy, information is power, so arm yourself. That is when Supercell established the Storage Value based off of defensive Weight and it has never changed. As we have mentioned recently.

It is unfortunate that people choose to play the game in this way, but there are still plenty of players who are trying to be as successful as possible. In the war zone, players prepare and attack war bases instead of their regular villages. Some theories are pretty good though gravity. Hi, What a shetti decision! But yes, this is a separate step in the algorithm.

This process of the placing of clans in leagues is known as matchmaking. This is by far been the most helpful for me when building my base, to help keep my war weight level down in order to give me superior strength over are opponents. This will serve you all better in the long run. Great site, making money dating website I use it all the time.

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