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Dating coach purses, guide to Vintage Coach Hang-tags and Creeds

Find the closest style to use as a reference to help in your search. They're usually happy to tell you about your bag's serial number and, if asked, to help authenticate your new or vintage bag. The information may change as I collaborate with others to correct or give more detailed information. The Dakota family was pebbled, unlined, and made in Italy, and none of them had serial numbers. If the seller won't send you these pictures, you may want to pass on making that purchase.

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Give as much detail about the bag as possible, and include photos if you have them along with your specific questions or concerns regarding the serial number. The letter typically appears after the hyphen in the serial number. In fact, it's a bit of history hanging right on your arm.

Changes came in the late s. The second digit, always a number, was the year the bag was made. There are some other ways you can try to authenticate your bag, however.

Vintage bags from before the s often didn't have serial numbers. If there are only one or two, or if the number is letters instead, then the bag is likely a fake. The last four were the style number. The style number itself has also changed constantly over the years.

Along with a change of ownership, interracial dating at college Coach also made changes to both the creeds and the serial numbers. Your bag may match other purses being sold from past seasons.

Coach Serial Numbers - the Basic Facts

This process also allows each bag to age and patina in an individual manner depending on use and exposure. In some cases, you may quickly be able to see that your bag is completely different from the ones your search calls up. The hangtags were initially used so that the leather of the bag could be felt without actually feeling the bags! Neither of these production glitches means that the bag is a fake, and neither did numbers that were off-center, angled, or bumping into the border of the creed statement.

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The focus is on the early Coach branding and how that can be used to assist in the dating of early vintage Coach Handbags. Every Coach made in or after will always have at least three digits in the first half of the number including a one or two-number year code in the center position. They encourage customers to only buy from authorized Coach retailer to ensure they are purchasing an authentic bag.

Adding Letters to the Serial Number Sometimes Coach puts a letter at the beginning of the serial number to indicate where the bag was originally sold. Coach enthusiasts are serious about serial numbers and may have near-encyclopedic knowledge of them.

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Finding the Serial Number

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Some pebbled leather bags from the s, including Dakotas and some Sheridans, didn't have serial numbers. There is a rich and interesting history to the company and its beginnings. Ask for advice there or here before you bid. Be aware that information posted on the Internet may not be accurate. But they still need to be checked by an expert since the same things can be found in fakes.

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