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Slater, Charles Gaskill and Michael Johnson. Not one to be thwarted by a band of unruly heathen, Baker sought the support of the Law. It was at this tiny settlement that Colonel J. Preserved in its original Edwardian glory, the Imperial Bank Building squats on prime real estate at the corner of Baker and Van Horne. Showers are housed in two well maintained cindercrete block utility buildings and provide plenty of hot water.

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His interests were taken over by Archibald and Malcolm, the latter moving to Winnipeg to manage Leitch Collieries, Ltd. James Baker and the Development of south-eastern B. With Vic Brown now as president, Crestbrook began investigating the possibilities of getting into the pulp and paper end of the forestry business. When the new hospital was opened in the old building was converted into the Tudor House Hotel.

Naturally, they chose the best land and expected the exclusive use of it. And more donations come in all the time. The trains are parked on parallel tracks with an elevated, covered viewing corridor built between the rows of cars. Steele, moved to settle the land matter. Accepting these changes as permanent, the Ktunaxa were anxious to adapt to the new ways and were, in one respect at least, already doing so.

By the early s, however, increasing White activity in the Upper Kootenay valley was making the Ktunaxa apprehensive about their future. Southern mainline, where the industrial park is now. The outfit now ran four sawmills, a veneer plant, and a plywood plant at Fort Macleod, Alberta.

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Ages passes and tectonic caprice raised the sea bed above the global sea level and held it to drain and dry in the sun. Barren of mature trees, the downtown streets suffer the unsettling propensity to exude a feeling of emptiness rather than openness. Until some seventy million years ago, coming easterly out of the Purcells like this, travellers would have had either a version of the Great Plains before them, or they would be on a beach.

Haynes, and hundreds of others in the history of western Canada, Jas. Victor Brown to help him run the outfit. Leitch interested himself in the development of a coal show at Passburg in the eastern Crowsnest Pass, but died. In they sold their enterprise to Harry A. Land was slowly acquired, infrastructure built and in the year the move began.

Crowsnest Highway

The new outfit, headed by J. Thus, it is said, Fort Steele was left to wither while upstart Cranbrook boomed into prosperity and prominence. Seven years after it was completed as a plain old two-storey gable-roofed work-a-day station-house, the Company decided it should be enlarged by inserting a level between the main and upper floor. Pressed into essential duties, privy to privileged information and lobbied for their support, many positioned themselves well to influence affairs to their advantage. With a force of well armed Police at their backs, the commissioners and Father Coccola of St.

It could not be more convenient. The downtown, commercial and most of the residential districts lie on the south-east side of the railroad, the industrial section across on the north-west. As well, since the Oblates of Mary Immaculate had run a mission in nearby St. Taylor, founded the King Lumber Company. Proximity to the urbanized Crowsnest Highway augurs a restless night under fabric.

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Over the years he and his brothers had added to the holding but, being merchants and ranchers, they had not broken the land nor fenced it. They simply ploughed up enough earth to satisfy the requirements of the Land Ordinance Act and ran livestock in an amicable association with the Natives that saw no one inconvenienced.

With the acquisition of B. The Company, of course, had long known that it had several options.

When these demands went unheeded, the Ktunaxa began laying plans to expel all Whites from the region. However, both ranching and farming required secured land, and secured land the Ktunaxa had none but for the tiny plots that Joe Trutch had spared them years before.

Winning a contract to supply the Celgar pulp mill at Castlegar with wood chips, Brown and Farstad, who had by then switched roles, instituted a sawdust and wood chip recovery program at their mills. Worse, mxit dating that property fell within the bounds of the tract that James Baker had bought and was in the process of fencing.

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The Shed will be renovated as an art and exhibition gallery, restaurant and demonstration venue. Across Van Horne and the tracks from Downtown, westward a block or so on King Street stood a great brick pile raised in stages between and as the St.

Well they should, for the registration fee is above the average, reflecting the hard fact that there are precious few other places to camp in Cranbrook. Bellhouse, recorded pre-emptions in the Trench, joining the Morigeau family who had lived for years on the shores of Upper Columbia Lake now Lake Windermere. The timing could not have been worse.

On a parallel track, for contrast, trains of less sumptuous cars new and older were assembled. Gaining a new lease on life, too, is the large, freight shed to which the reception hall has been attached. Too bad, it added a touch of class to the Park, but the managers said that it was infested with carpenter ants and was in danger of imminent collapse. After a stint in the flour milling business in Manitoba the brothers came farther west.

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