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So if you choose to upload there, you will have to convert your manuscript if you had it in another format. Getting your work seen and critiqued by other writers can be nerve-wracking. Specialized software will allow you to decide which features your eBook needs. There are many programs that allow you to write your book the way you want. Prepare your eBook for self-publishing online.

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The details allow you to specify if the book is part of series, book type, pricing, etc. This means that the way your type looks on the page is how it will look when exported.

If not, I would suggest submitting your book to multiple editors, and if you really feel like the changes they are making are bad for your book, then don't make those changes. Keep in mind that even the most talented and skilled writers still use editors. Did this summary help you? If you have people in your life that you trust to read and edit your book, I would go to them.

You will now have the option to price your book. But these people will help you frame your story and make valuable revisions. Some people prefer to use Microsoft Word.

This format preserves the qualities of a printed page. You can make a pass or two on your own before sending your book to an editor. Let it breathe so you can come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes.

Over-editing is possible and dangerous. Choose a writing platform.

With many eBook publishing platforms, it's now easier than ever to get your story published. Many people who have already published eBooks offer templates to create similar books free of charge. Look at the covers of your favorite books for inspiration. You get the marketing benefits and ability to discount your book for a time. The goal is to get your work out there to others in the industry.

You should look over your book in all these options to make sure everything is how you want it. But it is not needed with Amazon. Even in an online marketplace, people judge books by the cover.

Ask a trusted friend to give your book a read. Not getting an editor to read over your book can make the difference between people loving it and no one downloading it.

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Trying to cram too much in at once will make your book hard to understand and follow. If this is your first book, try and keep it relatively simple. Notice what the cover says about the book. You can add notes, include research, and jump around your text. While Amazon is probably the best starting point, and the most used, there are other self-publishing options.

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This article is very informative and engaging. Congratulations, you are a published author. Hire a professional editor to look over your book. You should edit your book yourself first, then send it to an editor for a second, professional pair of eyes.

Cookies make wikiHow better. This can eliminate the need for finding a publisher. Use can use a program like Calibre to convert your manuscript to Mobi or ePub before uploading if you wish.

You can also add up to seven keywords to make your book show up better in a search. Templates help you to do things such as insert headers, add pages numbers, or adjust your margins for facing pages. Trying to accomplish too much can make you feel discouraged or frustrated. These groups will read your material and give you notes, ideas, and can even drum up some interest in your book. Pick a goal you can stick to.

This is similar to writing in a code language. Though both are free to upload. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. This format is good for text-heavy books.

How to Create an Ebook (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Perhaps your title is misleading. Instead of hitting a button to bold or italicize a word, you would wrap the word in specific brackets of text. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Trying to throw too much into a plot, especially your first time around can be overwhelming. Cover art is going to be a big selling point for your book.

You can use a program specifically for creating eBook covers to make this task easier. Kindle uses a Mobi format to output the eBook so that eReaders can read it. Amazon has a few eBook publishing options. But you should go to workshops. Get an editor, mp3 of eminem and workshop it.

When exporting, the text converts to a final, view-ready version. You will need someone who knows how to structure a book, find the issues, and sell your book. Maybe you need to cut three chapters to shorten your story.

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Once you have completed your first draft, take some time away from it. These formats allow readers to adjust the size of the text in an eReader.

You can always go back and edit. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Search for books like yours and see which categories these books have used.