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The most recent teachings are at the bottom of the page. This law of the Kingdom is already functioning in every one of our lives, although many of us give it no thought. Even if you think you understand this dynamic, I believe you will benefit with fresh insight as you listen to this message. That covenant reveals to us that all that He is and all that He has - has been given to us, and this includes the deep things of God. In this teaching you will begin to gain a much fuller understanding of true covenant relationship.

Faith mp3

It's time for us to learn how to honor the Lord and put first things first. Remember, the Lord is no respecter of persons, He does not show favoritism.

Faith mp3

It will cause you to prosper, succeed, increase and to excell. They point to the two New Testament pillars that will insure victory, if we will heed their message and implement them into our daily routine.

Faith mp3

We've got to get away from our preconcieved ideas about worship - what we think it is - what ever preconceptions we may have, and move into the freshness of the reality of personal worship. Faith can only act where the will of God is known.

Worship is a grace gift that is meant to release God's power and His gifts to the Body of Christ. These are grace-gifts, Keys of the Kingdom, that have been given to the Body of Christ.

George Michael - Faith Mp3 Download

Set your heart toward true humility and experience a fresh reality of His strength empower your life! In this testimony I walk you through the same scriptures, sharing the truths that were shown to me. Once we see and know this fact, then we can begin to apply our faith and expect to receive the substance of our spiritual inheritance.

To get the results promised in the Word of God means that we need to begin to do things God's way! Remember, the Bible is the absolute Truth that's been given to the Chruch.

In this teaching we will cover three dynamic keys that will help you come to the place in life where you get His attention and breakthrough to the place where you begin touch the heart of God. This is a favorite Scripture that the enemy of our soul, the devil, loves to use to discourage people from receiving their healing. Worship is a major key that the Lord has given to the church to bring forth the promises of the Kingdom in their fullest sense.

To be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. We often see it as the warm up songs before the sermon is delivered. This obviously is not God's best for us.

There is a rich meaning through the types and symbols that we can miss out on if were not careful. There is a transformation that we must go through so that we will stop giving in to the flesh and begin to allow His thoughts to become our thoughts and His ways to become our ways. This is truly life changing!

Jachin and Boaz are the names of two huge pillars that were free standing at the entrance to the Temple. And make no mistake, if you don't take the time to find out, the enemy of your soul will define it for you and that will bring you into frustration and dread. It's time for us to take a fresh look and gain a new perspective of this all important gift. We can not dwell on the past and the mistakes that we've made. Worship is the well-spring or the fountain head of all power.

We've all encountered situations in life that did not change quickly and some lingered for what seemed to be an eternity. The devil has sold the church a bill of goods through this deception that many within the Body of Christ have bought into.

Latest teaching added November Please note that all files are virus free! Touching the heart of God brings forth great benefits to our lives. It fuels our joy, which is our strength and opens up so many possibilities where the natural realm has slammed doors shut. Our perception of life in general, how we view the promises of God and even God Himself will determine how much of the blessing we will experience in this life.

The blessing is the highest authority that God has ever bestowed within the earth! This just begs for us to dig in and get a solid grasp on what He was revealing to Moses and ultimately to us, as we are absolutely a part of the generations He was speaking about. We need to realize that our destiny of victory and blessing depends upon it!

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He tried to alert the disciples to the importance of the hour and how weak the flesh can be and the importance of tempering the flesh by prayer. When God sought to replace King Saul, He chose David - not for his intellegence, strength, charm, talent or appeal but solely upon the condition of his heart - a man after God's own heart!

When Jesus went to the cross and paid the price for our sin, that very act established the right to wholeness for all who will believe within their spirit, soul and body. In this teaching you will clearly see and understand the victorious intentions of Almighty God toward you through the seven covenant promises that are embedded within this wonderful Psalm. It should be no mystery to any of us as to what the Thorn was, the Bible clearly reveals what it is. When I applied these truths, I was completely healed. As we begin to mature in daily worship we encounter the flow of His wisdom, understanding, magnificence and grace.

This is a question that many in the Body of Christ are asking. Living with a miracle mentality will mean that a person will go from one dire situation to another, constantly in need of a miraculous deliverance. It's important for us to see exactly what the Word of God says about this very important truth and how we can begin to implement and tap into this grace.

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Our God has provided for us in every situation of life - He has pronounced the blessing upon us. Within this word is a revealed destiny that the early church knew clearly and was echoed continually all through the New Testament.

Faith mp3

Anything less is often thought of as a failure to get results, that God did not come through or that the concept of faith too elusive to comprehen. Those listed within the annals of this chapter knew the secret and faithfully walked in it. No matter what it is, ing calculator we need to understand that persistent faith always gets God's attention and brings about the manifestation of the Word. This same thing is true concerning the church.

It's the place of victory and the place of blessing even in midst of tough times. It's time for a change and it starts with your understanding of this wonderful grace. They hold a rich message for those of us who are born-again today. Every cell of our being, by default, is crying out and searching for the presence of God. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, and is the right time to take charge and make that needful decision to get back into spiritual effectiveness.

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