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Main Lajpalan De Lar Lagiyan- Farhan Ali Qadri - video dailymotion

May Allah give you long long life with good health. But now I thin that I have not seen much for a long time. He has also said the kalam Apne Maa Bap ka tu Dil na dukha. May Allah rest him soul in peace.

You can watch them with the fast player and loud voice. May Allah give me courage to recite naat in front of thousands of people like him. The lyrics and Hamd both in your voice sounds beautiful. By the way he is a famous person.

In very small age he get so much fame. Allah gift him best voice. My friends family teachers all like my naats and voice and always want me to come and recite on T. Farhan Ali Qadri and his so called religious friends should come on television and say something for Syria.

Farhan ali qadri video naat

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His voice has his own m while he narrate or recite any Naat. We all know that what is happening in Hulb right nowadays. He has beaten all the famous naat khawan in very small age. May Allah bless him and give him more success in his life.

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He has been a famous Naat Khawan by the way. You were recited naat very beautifully but i never thought this that you will get so much fame and have become very popular. It is my wish to listen him live. But now I do not have enough time to listen him but If he recite without Shirkia words naat in Saraiki language so I would definitely find the time to listen him on my holidays.

They so called mullas spoiled our relations with muslim world. And you are saying all the rights things I am appreciating your hardness.

Specially the naats like Aamna ka Lal and Haq Allah was the super hit naats from him. Masha Allah he is so much talented.

If you are a general user or webmaster, bluetooth for dell laptop and want to know how it works? They are so called Mullas.

Main Lajpalan De Lar Lagiyan- Farhan Ali Qadri

Farhan Ali Qadri is a well known Naat Khuwaan. May he will get all the success in his Naat career which he truly deserve. May Allah grant the martyrs a high station in jannah and their families sabr e jameel through the intermediation of the Beloved Prophet Sall-Allaho-Alaihi-Wasalam Ameen.

Farhan ali qadri video naat

Farhan Ali Qadri - Sunle Meri Harziya - New Punjabi Naat 2017

His voice has his own charm while he narrate or recite any Naat. May Allah give him more sucess in his life. Please Recite your own naats as well. Because i am looking to arrange big Naat Khuwani. Mazhar Wasim you are exceptional good.

Tu Kuja Man Kuja

His tean age made him so much fame in this naat field because their are very few persons who started reciting naat in very small age like Farhan Ali Qadri. So please now recite Naat in Saraiki language also. Muslims of Shaam Iraq Gaza Libya Kashmir Palestine are dying but they must have to celebrate why are they not sending them some stuffs for daily use? But I like the way Farhan Ali Qadri speaks and also the expressions he uses.

Bacha Khan University Pakistan. Why they do not talk about Jihad but they talk just about naat albums celebrations lightings new dresses and Biryani halwa etc. Please farhan bhai tell me for coming on television what would i do? He Belongs to faislabad and Naat khawan. They are spoiling the image of Pakistan and Islam as well just for their interest.

Farhan Ali Qadri is a famous Teen naat khuwan and is considered as a rising talent in Pakistan. There are more upcoming naats of Farhan Ali Qadri. Farhan Qadri is a confident naat khuwan and started reciting the naats from the age of five.