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Este escudo puede defender de cualquier clase de ataque pero no puede sostenerse por mucho. He's normally the Plucky Comic Relief and grossly underpowered compared to his teammates. Este personaje esta fuertemente inspirado en Clint Eastwood.

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Owen Negata Co-creator of the Supertroopers. Becoming involved with a Super Soldier program pretty much lands him here, especially when he casually talks about using Goose as a control for an experiment. Likewise, he sarcastically contemplates about what the proper attire would be to wear to his execution on Tarkon. Doc and Commander Walsh both have them, but since Walsh's mustache is a handlebar, he wins. His specialty is getting machines to do exactly what he wants them to do.

Her Weapon of Choice is a double-barreled shotgun. Solo queria poner en este post, el audio de inicio de la serie y el video original. His resemblance to Billy Dee Williams. Turns out Walsh is Shane's genetic father. Icarus and Winter Two talking dolphins who live in a tank of water at Longshot.

Porta una gran arma y sabe artes marciales. And a substantial portion of the fanbase will never forgive him for it.

Not only is Buzzwang totally rebuilt, but his heroism earns him a place among the Galaxy Rangers. Doc seems to be the only non-white human in the galaxy except for Jackhammer of the Supertroopers and one shot villain Dr. Before the Galaxy Rangers were started, he headed up the Supertrooper project that created Goose with Commander Negata. Walsh does his best to protect the Rangers from political pressure, certified millionaire dating even if it means bending the rules once in a while.

Sandy Marshall A bumbling android who helps the Rangers and their friends in a few episodes. As noted, he supplies the Rangers with their high-tech weaponry.

Goose estaba fuera del alcance del gas y pudo evitarlo. Tema principal - No Guts No Glory. By comparison, Doc's background went unexplored.

Fatally injured when the Supertroopers revolted, his brain was able to be preserved and placed in a robotic shell. Being forced to serve your husband's Archenemy against your entire species? At least once Shane Gooseman actually described her as a brunette. Normally, a subversion as she is patient and slow to lose her cool.

In Goose's case, new mutations. It does not mean, however, that he won't chew them a new one if they go too far off the reservation. His people skills need work.

In practice, he and Niko toss the ball back and forth, as their specialties are very different. It's actually not clear if she's a red head or a brunette - depending on the animators and artists.

Entrada destacada

Un estereotipo contrario, tiene la piel morena y es un genio de las computadoras. The series never mentions that she was from a destroyed colony. Born on an ill-fated colony planet, Niko was raised on the mystical world of Xanadu by a mysterious mentor named Ariel.

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Intelligent ones outfitted with cyberware! All the while completely aware and helpless to stop any of it? If her shotgun or martial arts training doesn't do the job, her psionics will. The Queen stripped both him and Killbane down to form fitting pants for their duel. Digamos que la musica de inicio es una de las que mas me gustaba junto a la de los thundercats, Defensores de la Tierra y a la de otra serie llamada Mask.

He appears to have a personal rivalry with Senator Whiner dating back to the project. He has other tweakers, but they don't get as much attention. Mostly averted, but she sometimes can get a Poke in the Third Eye by someone more powerful like Scarecrow or the Queen. Psychometry is her primary ability, followed by telekinesis and limited telepathy.