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If you are lucky, you may kill them. Did this article help you? The local Biker gang have failed to repay a debt to Armando, so he sends Victor to deal with the situation. Victor Vance Louise Cassidy-Williams.

The grenade is visible on the ground, so other players may discover your strategy. Louise is tired of being mistreated by Marty and wants to have fun and enjoy herself. Forbes is revealed to be an undercover policeman, so the Vances decide to hold him hostage to retrieve some more information from him. The next powerup is called Mega Damage.

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It is represented by a question mark. You can, for example, flee down an alleyway and leave a remote grenade just inside it. The Colonel's Coke Reni Crash! Vehicles are generally easy to find and acquire in multiplayer.

The Mendez brothers send Vic to deal with some rival drug dealers in Ocean Beach. Familiarize yourself with Grand Theft Auto. Victor Vance Reni Wassulmaier. If you're trying to get a kill with the choppers, use mini guns do in first person view, fire and see if that helps on your accuracy. This is the default weapon.

Don't be afraid to use new weapons, try new strategies, and die. Therefore, it is best to use the shotgun to knock somebody down at medium range and then switch to another weapon. Following Louise's murder, Vic plans to hijack a helicopter from the military base to launch an attack on the now-in-hiding Diego Mendez. It may not take much health off, but it will definitely rattle the other player.

Each death will teach you something about the game. The fourth powerup grants you invisibility.

There will always be one type of motorcycle, one type of sports car, and various sedans and vans. If your opponent survives the explosion, take them out normally. Playground on the Park Playground on the Dock Rush! This works on both large and small vehicles, so long as you can jump high enough to get on the hood.

How to Get a Flying Car on GTA Vice City Stories for the PSP

How can I add a friend to the game? The first powerup is represented by the rampage icon. Next are the true powerups.

Don't be afraid to help them become better players by telling them some of the tips on this page. Umberto wants to steal some guns from a Cholo arms warehouse. Reni's friend, Barry, needs Vic to protect his client from some mobsters Barry owes money to.

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories ISO ROM Download for PSPCheat codes for Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories on the Sony PSP

She and Victor participate in a Quad bike race. Develop specific weapon strategies.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Cheats (PSP)

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories Cheats for the PSP

You have to get very close to your opponent and target them. Your character model and vehicle can still be seen, though. One way to use that blast radius to your advantage is to fire rockets at the underside of a bridge or other thin barrier a player is standing on top of or behind.

Get some friends to play with you. One of the trickiest ways to use this powerup is to grab an undamaged car and creep up on the other player. Jerry Martinez informs Vic that their recently-stolen cocaine actually belongs to The Mendez Brothers, and that Martinez himself plans to turn states evidence. The Vances want more information about the shipment, so Forbes directs them to a contact in a nearby bar.

You can do strafing runs on walking players by driving straight at them while firing. While some aspects of the single-player game, such as extended pursuit by the police, will boost your skills, real multiplayer is best. The chainsaw is pale blue on your map. Victor Vance Armando Mendez. It has a high rate of fire, the best range aside from the sniper rifle and is used in one of the best tactics available, explained above.

Cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories on the Sony PSP

There is no reason to use the chainsaw when you can use your fists. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. When your pursuer enters the alleyway, detonate the grenade right underneath them.

The Rocket Launcher pickup is lavender on your map. Vic plans to gain revenge on Diego Mendez and Jerry Martinez, with help from his recently-acquired military helicopter.

It has a very long range and delivers an explosive projectile at a relatively slow speed. What things should I do for the app and settings?

Remote Grenades are pale green on your map. Its high damage lets you drop the other player with ease. Cleaning House Conduct Unbecoming.

When activated, it makes the player's health regenerate slowly over time. This is not a very useful powerup because the health regeneration is too slow, sms dialogues and any prolonged damage will nullify the effects. As the other player gets up and loses protection from bullets their head passes through your line of fire.

Victor Vance Jerry Martinez. Specific strategies will be discussed in the Tips section. When activated, the player is given a Rocket Launcher with unlimited ammunition. One of Marty's cousins has set fire to Vic's brothel, and he must extinguish the fire before the brothel is destroyed.

How to Get a Flying Car on GTA Vice City Stories for the PSP

Boomshine Blowout Phil Shakedown Marty. Steal the Deal The Exchange. Collectibles Multiplayer Modifications Controversy.