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Sai Yuk is put in the difficult position of being married to a second woman in order to complete his mission. On-yee manages to persuade her father to release Fong by threatening to commit suicide.

He rescues his godfather, Chan from prison and restores him to the leadership position. During this mission Sai Yuk is forced to marry a woman alongside his current wife so that he can get his hands on the box. Fong lies to his mother that his father has been rescued and decides to save his father alone without letting her know. Being Married to Two Women This seems to be a big part of the movie! There is one cool fight scene however where Jet li blind folds himself and fights off a series of men with several swords.

The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk with Jet Li

They defeat the Governor and his men and succeed in freeing Fong Tak. Fong enters a martial arts contest that the viceroy arranges to win On-yee's hand in marriage and use the opportunity to steal the Red Box. Just then, Fong Sai-yuk and his mother show up, and Fong fights with the Governor and holds him off until his parents have escaped.

He catches a glimpse of his future bride, who is actually a servant maid to replace Ting-ting, who went missing during the contest. This whole movie has a very lighted feel to it until the end as things seem to darken up. Meanwhile, Yu incites the society's members to turn against Chan and seizes the leadership position. Since Fong had promised earlier that he would permanently disable himself if he fails the mission, Yu Chun-hoi malevolently reminds Chan to abide by the agreement.

Fong manages to escape but his mother is captured by Yu. The Governor demands that Fong Tak hand over the name list of the society's members, but he refuses. In the ensuing fight, Fong Tak is captured while Siu-wan dies from a gunshot wound. The Conflict While Sai Yuk is an accomplished fighter, he suspects a local man of conspiring to kill the head of the Red Flower Society.

While Fong Tak is having a conversation with fellow members, they are ambushed by the Governor of Nine Gates and his soldiers. This movie seems to have a good blend of action and comedy that seems to work. To save his mother, Fong returns and fights his way through the men, heroically blindfolding himself so that he will not see his former fellows spilling blood. However, the viceroy is aware of Fong's true intention in the marriage and so he sends soldiers after Fong when he is escaping.

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Lui then forces Miu to marry his daughter. Much like Once Upon a Time in China, the end battle seems to revolve around use of the environment as a showcase of precise skill. Just then, Fong's father, Fong Tak, returns home from a trip. Ting-ting is the daughter of Tiger Lui, a hot-headed hooligan. The contestant must defeat Lui's wife, Siu-wan, in order to win.

Miu manages to persuade Lui to let her son return home. Fong's mother, Miu Tsui-fa, enters the contest in disguise as a man to help her son win back his lost pride.

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Lui stages a martial arts competition for interested men to participate and win his daughter's hand in marriage. Sai Yuk spends most of the final fight trying to keep a base of wooden benches stable to support his mother and prevent her from being hanged, whilst Yu Chun is constantly trying to knock them down. Of course things continue to back and forth throughout the film and eventually Sai Yuk ends up finishing off the movie with both women following him. Chan cripples Fong, rendering him unable to practise martial arts again.

So there is a lot of arguing between him and his two wives when they all meet. Sai Yuk is forced to marry a girl who he believes is quite ugly after the competition, and spends his time avoiding the whole thing like the plague. He is unaware that his bride is actually his love interest and they fight in the dark.

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Before the film ends, Fong Sai-yuk becomes Chan's godson and joins his godfather on their quest as they ride towards the far horizon. By the end of the film, akahige online dating Fong's two wives have come to terms with each other and can talk and behave in absolute unison.

She defeats Siu-wan by knocking her off the scaffold, but catches her as she falls and they land safely on the ground. On-yee, meanwhile, has fallen in love with Fong and marries out of real love, breaking Ting-ting's heart.

He attempts to storm the execution ground and fights with the Governor to save his father. His mother, a well accomplished fighter also joins in to help but in classic comedic nature, makes things worse!

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Fong confronts Yu, and kills him after an intense fight. Yu then sends his men to kill Fong in order to silence him. The woman whom Fong rescued earlier is Suen On-yee, the viceroy's daughter. Fong declares that he will retire from the world of martial arts and spend the rest of his life with his family. Chan's deputy, the ruthless Yu Chun-hoi, stands in Fong's way and tries to harm him.

After that intimate moment together, Siu-wan becomes romantically attracted to Miu without knowing that Miu is actually a woman in disguise. However, Chan intentionally had not permanently disabled Fong, so Fong recovers.

They discover each other's identities eventually. Fong decides to forfeit the match and leaves.