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The In rooms from Soap and Show are an attempt to deal with a large amount of imagefiles. In its various versions and incarnations, Goo used a two-part interface that divided the processes of image combination and distortion into separate screens.

Digital Power Station Plugin. Let your imagination run wild. Turn still pictures into images that feel like liquid on your screen.

Revolutionary floating user interface is simple to use. However, lens flares are so overused that we can't get too excited about this plug-in.

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Does your phone always die at crucial moment due to running out of battery? Photoshop's Smudge tool produces similar results. Liquify Filter Photoshop's Liquify filter comes the closest of any of the program's interactive tools to emulating the purposes Goo served. It maps an image to a plane that you can tilt by dragging corners. We found the most useful new filter to be Equalizer, which lets you selectively sharpen different parts of an image using controls resembling those of an audio graphic equalizer.

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Its Twirl tool enables you to mash, push and squeeze facial features into unrecognizable parodies. Imagine dropping a blob of oil paint onto a canvas and smearing it with your finger. Internet Download Manager Corp. Smudge Tool Imagine dropping a blob of oil paint onto a canvas and smearing it with your finger. In order not to clutter the room that is special suited to edit the image other rooms become part of the application.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pens, brushes and erasers are distributed all over the workspace. The original Xerox Star team had it.

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It's packed with smart tools that give you even more power to communicate. The new Adjustment panel and Masks panel give you more intuitive access to unrivaled editing power. Power Goo's Fusion Room enabled you to combine photos, producing seamless composites of faces, music mixing software for windows 8 human or otherwise.

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Hard to do justice to either one. In this window a number of effects could be shown exactly as they would appear, over the real image, and updated in realtime. It can also animate the distortions by dragging keyframes from the preview window into an animation palette. In addition to a good assortment of tools for cutting, pushing, and pulling, Gel includes useful lighting, tinting, and reflection controls.

The program interface features a reward-based function in which a bonus function is revealed as the user moves towards more complex aspects of the tool. There are various versions of Kai's Power Tools.

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Actually, I know exactly why. Want to find a perfect solution?

Though the program's interface is not as obtuse as those of previous versions, some users may find that it has annoying characteristics. The manual recommends using Equalizer with downsampled images, but we found it to be a good tool for many sharpening chores.

Fluition Demonstration Edition. It works by effectively turning a bitmap image into a liquid that can be interactively smeared, smudged, twirled, and pinched with the range of tools on offer. Plenty of cat pictures elsewhere. They are large, they drop real shadows, and the tips of the tools get pressed down while they are in use.

The former enabled you to add features, clothing, glasses and other accessories, and the latter enabled you to squeeze faces into comic manipulations. So did the Lisa team, and the Mac team after.

Click here to view all results. As with its stand-alone predecessor, you can also use Goo to create animations that you can export as QuickTime movies.

Kai s Power Goo

Embed and program the Visio drawing environment to include the power of Visio in any smart client application. Create movies from your pictures. Volumetrix unleashing the power of the graphics card and FxPlug technology. They can be scaled and they can overlap each other. The user experience is really like coming into a room with a special suited environment for one specific task.