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All of a sudden weather changes and they use the nails to nail the picnic mat. The same night Kamakshi see the ghost and everyone comes to know that the ghost has not left their house it is still there. They all reach their home.

Is a ghost haunting Kiran's ancestral property? Later Kamakshi feels relief that their house in normal now then suddenly they are attacked by Raghav, actually it is not Raghav but the evil spirit. Her excitement gets her hands on the spirit's possession, and this turns the wheel. While on the trip to Coimbatore they stop in the middle of the field to have some food. The movie is very funny and horror tamil movie.

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Krishna Sekhar, Rupa Manjari, Karunakaran. Shake yo Body sung by Jesse Samuel is so far most hit song of the movie. Then Aghori tells them the whole story of Rosie and Kali how they got killed by Shanker a corrupt minister. Kabir Duhan Singh is Telugu and Kannada, he is one of the most stylish actors in the industry. The background score was the main plus point in this movie.

After consuming liquor, four friends decide to do something interesting and visit a haunted bungalow. Hence, we request you to wait until the movie is released on Legal Streaming websites.

Eventually, Shanker got killed by Rosie and Kali and depart happily. Aghori comes to their house, inspect the house and tells them that everything is fine. Raghava Lawrence is basically a choreographer who is also an actor and singer. The vial accidentally reaches India, and he must race against time to prevent a potential disaster. After realizing the danger of a bio-weapon, a scientist wants to protect it from being misused.

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Please enter your name here. Then on next day, the whole family goes to the temple on their arrival, the Aghoris who are performing pooja feel something unnatural hence they called the family forward.

Movie Vera level chance illa ultimate Anna padam nall vettri pera vazlthukual. The movie started well with good comedy and Goosebumps. To appreciate the work of the movie creators, internet games pc we request people to watch movies in Theatres only.

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TURN Washington s Spies 2

Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani. Meanwhile, the film is receiving a massive response from both critics and audiences. Tough cop Durai Singam performs an undercover operation and identifies some nefarious activities in the seas around the coastal town.

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But stealing the show is Taapsee. All hell breaks loose when Raghava is possessed by an evil spirit. Or is it a conman's master moves? Arulnithi, Ramesh Thilak, Sananth Reddy.

Lawrence plays Raghava the cameraman - an extremely cowardice person, especially to spirits and ghosts. Soon after that, some weird things start to happen and the family decides to leave the place but they do notice that the nails remained in their bag. An international hockey player who has chosen to leave the sport picks it up again to save the ground of a local team.

Was this review helpful to you? This is his first horror film and he acted superbly in that. Then he starts behaving feminine.

His fear is so believable that you begin to see him as a different person, when he plays the fearless Shiva in the second half. Even if is a less horror movie it is very entertaining and Kaalis acting is awesome. Meanwhile, Raghav also see paranormal activities around the picnic bag hence he open that bag and possessed by the evil spirit.

List of Highest grossing Tamil films of all time. After knowing the sad story the family tells Kali and Rosie to kill Shanker and in this Aghori also helped them. Lawrence Raghavendra, Vedika, Raj Kiran. The same night Priya and Dhivya see the spirit so again the go-to Aghori and this time he gives them three voodoo dolls and tells them to nail on them. To their misfortune, they actually get haunted by not one but five ghosts.

The chief Aghori gives one Thirisulam and tells them to keep it on Thulasi so they did as say by Aghori. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Raghava Lawrence, Oviya and Vedhika took up the lead roles.