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Denying Mary's lineage is bad enough. Annointed Royal descendants have a spiritual purpose to fulfil. The building stands on former site of the Baltic Exchange, headquarters of a global marketplace for ship sales and shipping information. Wearing a Gold Crown and Mantle.

Peace, love and best wishes Pauline Maria. This is so since ancient times. The Earl of Strathern is a created title of the Principle ruler of Scotland. There are thousands of inspirational people - especially the atheletes. Why have people not remembered that Christ was born and raised in the Middle East.

London sends athletes home with a U. Sebastian Coe gave a speech, jet li aur anaconda movie in hindi and the volunteers of London were thanked.

The glorification of anyone is why people have been so easily decieved and enslaved by man's rules. With this, this relates to bringing spiritual understanding to enable humanity with their spiritual progress. As the last athletes streamed into the stadium and the flags were moved by volunteers closer to the Olympic flame, a reprise of some of the songs from the opening section was played.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She is an example to show people given titles and to remind people not to worship false idols. It is now for the Jewish people to set up their ethical government and follow God's Laws. Over a billion pounds in security and yet the British establshment have declined to pay out compensation for their corruption being exposed. Sebastian Coe and Jacques Rogge then appeared on a stage that was in the form of an arrow pointing towards Rio.

Queen Elisabeth was crowned on fake pyramid steps in London. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Summer Olympics closing ceremony. Star Spotting at the Olympics! London portal Olympics portal United Kingdom portal.

For the soundtrack album, see A Symphony of British Music album. Instead they are so busy promoting Catherine. She was under threat of her life and defied to be silent. Diana's soul will be flying free now.

No human being has the right to take away anyone's divine rights, whoever they are. The role title has been changed to be governer so that people do not think that her family are taking the place of Christ. If she refuses to do so - the end of these abuses will happen with divine intervention. Diana being a public figure was able to bring the awareness to millions of people. The ballerina was raised up by the Royal Ballet.

Angers is not far from where my French Grandmother lived. The Virgin Mary was born of human parents, she had relations and for Christ to be born a King he had to be born from a divinely appointed Queen. The commercial investment into the Olympic games came to billions of pounds.

This is a spiritual calling. She ruled Egypt by Divine Right.

Next there was another performance by Stomp. If anything is to happen to me, I know now that America has a massive movement where women are being empowered and people are encouraged to meet their personal potentail. Statue Virgin Mary Underwater Philippines.

View this page full screen. The Spice Girls were said to be reluctant to appear, feeling that the event was being staged at minimal cost, before their manager Simon Fuller persuaded them to perform. Even John Lennon and Freddie Mercury made posthumous appearances via video. From his heart a gold yellow fire took the shape of a large cross. The church is a house of Prayer to God not to be used as a front for a corporate empire.

We are reminded of the steps of spiritual ascension, the steps of the freemasonry and alsothe steps to enlightenment. This is where my family came from and where the ancient Temple of Athena was situated.

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The Queen is in the role of Head of the Church of England and with being crowned Queen, she is in the place of Spiritual leader of the Christians. The fire in Smyrna destroyed the ancient lineage genealogy records.

Spice Girls One Direction Bring Olympics to a Dazzling End

Real people are sounded out - voices that should be heard. There are countless descendants from this bloodline - it is not a secret. They were politically motivated. If the royal family are not guided by God and able to show this, they should not be in the position of Head of any Church.

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The Closing Ceremony Rocks Out. In the Olympic closing ceremony there is a theme of newpaper cuttings. The audience then completed a second countdown to the start of the ceremony, to the chimes of Big Ben. Millions of Muslims are waiting for the rightfully divinely guided one too.

Closing Ceremony - Take That - London Olympic Games - video dailymotion

More paper-covered motor vehicles entered. Perhaps this is all an illusion and the royal family are just actors in a play.

Spice Girls One Direction Bring Olympics to a Dazzling End

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2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony

My mother said family lived in Egypt three generations before her Humanitarian heart with real concerns impacting people and the world we all live in. Perhaps this is why Harry looked worried in the press photos.