Matematik Games

No need waste paper to play puzzle games! Flurry of Flavors - Multiplication. Rooftop Ride - Multiplication.

Hooda Escape Ice Cream Shop. Practice counting skills by matching the number of objects shown in each picture to the correct number. Patrick's Day Math Pacman. The Secret of Mathematics. Granny Prix Multi-Player - Multiplication.

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Dress up the boy or girl with tops, bottoms, and shoes. Math Speedway Challenge - Multiplication. Play anytime and anywhere! Cone Crazy - Multiplication.

They also learn to describe the several measurable attributes of a single object. Hooda Escape Math Mansion.

Road Rally Multi-Player - Multiplication. Drive the tractor to the hoppers.

See how many times you can Pascal! This game is for those with good observation. City Under Siege - Decimal. You're the bus driver in this fun math game. Count up the blocks shown in each square.

Math Learning Games

Winter Addition Link Puzzle. Spend exactly the goal amount to advance to the next level. Click the dots according to the ascending sequence of the numbers to join them by lines and reveal the image. To determine the color of each space solve each addition problem, then use the code at the side of the page. Put objects that look the same in one category.

Positional Words Describe the relative position of objects using terms like above, below, beside, in front of and behind. Choose your skater math arithmetic subject. Frogtastic Multiplication. The object of the game is to spend exactly the goal amount. Defend your castle from Zombie Hordes!

Matematik Games

Tap on the objects and count along. Multiplication Knock Down. Hooda Escape Fyre Festival. Ghost Raid Fly the Ghost across the galaxy and raid Imperial shipments for the growing rebellion!

Your task is to construct a road that loops the city. Some of the thrilling math games for practicing addition and subtraction are given below. Winter Addition and Subtraction. Do you have what it takes to become the next Million Dollar Arm? Getting fluency over counting and comparing requires practice.

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Play your favorite Virtual Worlds right here on PrimaryGames. We could go on all day about each of our math games, but if you need more proof of math, windows live messenger 10 beta read this Wiki article.

Remember you are memorizing Pi, so the more numbers you memorize of Pi the further you can get each time you play. Mathemagus Take over the role of a magician's apprentice to compete with a witch. Citadel Storm Help the team fight their way through the citadel.

Pull together the best teams for the job, equip powerful gear, and battle against incredible odds to save your fellow heroes. Play on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device for free! Disney Tsum Tsum is the fluffiest puzzle game ever! Practice addition skills by matching the correct answers to each question. Disney Crossy Road Why should the chicken get all the fun?



In this game there are some seesaws and some objects placed on the seesaws. Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages. Math Blaster Ages Problems presented in five levels of difficulty, theyll learn to count, tell time, identify money, use systems of measurement, and perform basic mathematic operations. Teachers - we've put together a special section just for you! Look at each picture math equation.

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