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Part of Harvest festival of Pongal. If the milk over flows on the right side of the pot, it is considered an auspicious augury. Fasts and festivals of India. Maatu maatu Nee maattennu sollapora Maattava maattu.

Then, pongal-rice along with turmeric, ginger, sugar cane, yellow garlands and a stick that is used to drive the bulls are also placed as offering to Ganesha. If they failed the bulls ran away and were seen only the next morning. If they hold on or even thrown off but are not in any way injured then the prize is given to them. There is a slight variation in dates followed for the festival, varying from year to year, but the essence of observing Makara Sankranti is the same among Hindus.

Download Nulled WordPress Themes. In some villages it was held one day after the Mattu Pongal day, on the Kannum Pongal day. Makara Sankranti is celebrated among the Hindus for three days, with Mattu Pongal feast of cattle held the day after Sun entering Capricorn. South Indian Hindu festivals and traditions.

Mattu Mattu Tamil & English Song lyrics

An important village sport, called the Jallikattu or Manji Virattu, micrografx picture publisher 8.0 an integral part of the Mattu Pongal festival is observed with enthusiasm and expectations in the villages of Tamil Nadu. Other Songs from Thamizhan Album. Vairamuthu Mattu Mattu Song Lyrics. You may also be interested in. It also represents the change of season.

Let's Know Festivals of India. The regular bull embrace that are held now are in a well organised manner by bull owners and the youthful village men. Oh thanna thanakku Dhina thaanaana Kannaa un kannu pattu poovaana Pottu en nethi pottu Pattu un nenjil pattu Otto-nnu ottum madhana.

On this day it is spring cleaning, as people decorate their homes, buy new vessels and burn old and unwanted items. Free Download WordPress Themes. The pongal cooked in mud pots are placed on the floor where a Kolam is drawn and skirted with red sand. If the bulls win, then the prizes go to the bull owners. Maatu maatu Nee Hei maatu maatu nee.

Instead, Nandi wrongly advised people to take an oil bath once a month and eat every day. On this day, the bulls, which were worshipped and fed during the day, their horns were tied with bundles of money in the form of coins or notes.

Mattu Mattu Song Lyrics

Nee manmadhanin raajiyathil Mannu thinnu valarndhavana Un puvi enna. Oh thanna thanakku Dhina thaanaana Kanna un ulang kaiyil thaenaana Munna kai thottadhila Manna un kaiyil sikkina. Maatu maatu Nee maattennu sollapora Maattava maattu Poottu pootu indha Poottukaetha saavi naanthaan Poottava poottu. The fight between man and the bull is quite fierce and many times bloody.

Mattu Pongal

Festivals in the Hindu calendar. Christianity and Mythology. Poottu pootu indha Poottukaetha saavi neethaan Poottaiyaa poottu.

Mattu Mattu Nee Mp3 Song download from Thamizhan

This sport is held generally in the evening of the Mattu Pongal day. Observance of Mattu Pongal is part of the Pongal festival.

Download Mattu Mattu Nee mp3 song from Thamizhan / Tamilan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The festival is also observed by ethnic Tamil population of Sri Lanka. This type of fight is said to be akin to the bull fights of Spain. Ingredients cooked in the pot consist of rice, green gram and milk.

The bull fight is held, at a central location in the village where people assemble in large numbers to witness the fight. The cattle are taken in a procession, attended by bands of music, through the village streets to a public space in the village. Nee methai mela vithai Kaattum vithagana. Ullathai Killadhey lyrics.

In the present form, prizes are offered to the bull fighters and the bull owners. Imman and Anuradha Sriram. Then the entire atmosphere becomes festive and full of fun and revelry. On each of the four days festival, Kolam or threshold drawings are drawn with coloured rice powder or chalk powder, in the front yard of the houses, after due washing of the yard. On the Mattu Pongal day, cattle are washed, their horns painted and decorated with shining metal caps.

Mattu Mattu Tamil & English Song lyrics

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Oh thanna thanakku Dhina thaanaana Ulnaakkil kothum kili needhaana Kannil mazhaiyadikka Nenjil thee thee pidikka kaikaari kanna vettina. But this was a milder form of the sport which was seen in most villages in Tamil Nadu years back. The neck of the pot in which Pongal rice is prepared is tied with fresh turmeric leaves and pieces of sugarcane. Nee maedu pallam Kodu podum oviyana. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Mattu PongalDownload Mattu Mattu Nee Song from Thamizhan / Tamilan

In many instances, the audiences watching the fight have also been injured by the ferocious bulls. Home Movies Music Directors List. If the boys are thrown off or hurt seriously within the ring no prize is given to them.

Mattu Mattu Song Lyrics

Oh thanna thanakku Dhina thaanaana Popol kuthum mullu needhaana Epper un nirathukkum Epper un tharathukkum pithaagi puthi kettenaa. The bull is never killed, however many boys get killed by goring by the bull since they fight with their bare hands and with confidence of their strength.