Rabbi Shergill Bulla Ki Jana

The purpose of this blog is not to just be a store of lyrics for Rabbi Shergill songs. About the wonderful, very pleased to see this article, learn some things, and view the text is recognized. Same words like us, different sounding pronounciations, foreign or own?

This song is based on ancient Advaita philosophy. What does this song mean to you?

Na main rehnda phaang sharaban Na main rehnda mast kharaban Na main shadi na ghamnaki. The first time I heard this song, I loved it, the lyrics are good, and different the music video was what caught my eye. Then they stop thinking for themselves and accept life as it is and lead their lives from moment to moment as the situation demands, without oscillating between the past and the future.

You will be remembered for long giving life to this simple but heavenly words of Bulleh Shah. Tere Bin is my favourite song, and made me watch the Delhi Heights film which I hadn't heard before. It a beaatiful lyrics with very deep meaning and great voice to go with it. Its not inordinately expensive either.

Shergill's father was a Sikh preacher and his mother is a college principal and also a Punjabi poet. Bulla ki jaana main kaun Bulla, who knows who I am? Bulla ki jana main kaun hun Bulla ki jana main kaun Na main arabi na lahori. Bulla ki jana main kaun Bulla, happy dasara greetings who knows who I am? Na main aatish na main paun Bulla ki jana main kaun hun Bulla ki jana main kaun.

What a beautiful composition, it really makes me happy when i listin to this song. The lyrics are so beautiful and wonderfully written. Poor availability, kanjoosi, laziness, what? Bulla wasn't a mystic, he was either an atheist or an agnostic. He was truly eclectic years ago Sharon.


The lyrics of the songs means that I am nothing i. But with this complete translation I am just speechless. Rahman and the lyrics penned by Gulzar. This post is in no way an attempt to compare these two great songs I wud be a fool if I try to do that. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

If you think i m right then think deeply inside these words what message the bulla wanna give us. The purpose is to discuss the music and how different people relate to it. Having lyrics online is useful for several people, and there are those who actually enjoy doing the translations and discussing the meanings.

The Only Panjabi song I like most, beautiful lyrics and beautiful voice. No one can and no one may. The essence came out just the same.

You must read about Bulleh Shah the person who wrote this song. Though i don't understand the words, the essence of the song did made an impact on me. The first time I watch the video I was stunned with the voice and the melody.

Whenever i feel depressed, i simply listen to this song and get detached from the world. Na maen momin vich maseet aan Na maen vich kufar diyan reet aan Na maen paakaan vich paleet aan Na maen moosa na pharaun. Breaks the language barrier. His songs are deeply philosophical and blend archaic, almost lost, Punjabi phrases into more recent Indian rock music.

Rabbi you and you guitar are maddening! Rabbi Shergill Devotees Unite. Rabbi has done full justice to the song and may you inspire more people. Shergill's music has been inspired by Rock as well as Sufi and Punjabi folk music. After college Shergill formed a band named Kaffir.

And with his poetic, socially relevant lyrics and an adult alternative sound, Shergill instantly connected with an urban crowd who loved him for his genuine and original approach to his songs. Because I believe whoever liked the song and it's philosophy, would appreciate that song too, just as I do. Please help by adding reliable sources. The YouTube videos on the site are meant to be used as samplers for those who are new to Rabbi's music and would like to hear it before buying it. His voice just stands out to me.

Excellent song Thanx a heap for the lyrics! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bulla ki jaana main kaun hun Bulla ki jaana main kaun Na main moman vich maseetan.

Rabbi Shergill - Bulla Ki Jaana Lyrics

The rest swirl in the whirlpool of the world and hence have no time to address existential queries. The band played in some competitions and college festivals before parting ways. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Rabbi Shergill - Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun Lyrics

So don't just take the posts at their face value - have a look at the conversations that happen under them. Na vich shaadi na ghamnaaki Na maen vich paleeti paaki Na maen aabi na maen khaki Na maen aatish na maen paun Bulleh! Not a believer inside the mosque, am I Nor a pagan disciple of false rites Not the pure amongst the impure Neither Moses, nor the Pharoh Bulleh! Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

The purpose of any is not only to do their own works in whole life but the most important is to determine who made him, and for which purpose? We ourselves must walk the path.

Rabbi ShergillBULLA KI JAANA Chords - Rabbi Shergill

It's a thoughtful lyrics came out from a thoughtful mind. Na main hindi shehar Nagaori Na hindu na turk pashauri Na main bhet mazhab de paya. Na main vich kufar dian reetan Na main pakan vich paleetan Na main andar bed kitaban. Bon marche de Dofus Kamas. The same was also written in holy book of Vedanta which is most ancient and also said by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa whose disciple was Swami Vivekananda.

As I look at today's worls divided by differences, this song goes straight to my heart. Mr Anonymous, There is no treasure hunt on this blog and none of us are ethen hunt too who are on Mission impossible.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Another thing that comes to mind is the unfamiliar pronounciations of the singer. Its like going back in the past and contempleting on our innerself. Please prefer not posting anonymous.

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