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Entertainment Tonight The pop songstress explained her big decision in a new Instagram post. Without dedicated archivists and preservationists, a slow collective amnesia, or worse, can set in. Why are these four books so special? And where the relic grounds the cult, art grounds material culture in such a way, he thought, that it repels fascism's aesthetic obsession with destruction.

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Hope Schreiber Thinking they were renting to a local band during the off-season, the owners agreed to let their space be used for a music video shoot. The texts are a minuscule sampling of the number of cultural artifacts around the world worthy of preservation, the shining book critique on dating and publicity.

And they are a tiny sampling of the literary production of Old English. Kane Brown speaks about getting married and how it has changed his song writing process. But the relative obscurity of these professions does not make the work any less valuable.

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We can reproduce history infinitely, but the only way to experience the humbling otherworldliness that dwarfs our cramped ideas about it is through its physical remainders. One might call this attitude precious. They deal with weathered, tattered, fragmentary scraps of text in archaic languages and lettering. What need to dote on crumbling manuscripts? Why the special status of the original?

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Lyndsey Parker When SandyRedd dedicated her tearful performance to her late mother, Jennifer could relate. Pitchfork The controversial rapper and his former associates are accused of operating and managing a gang Entertainment Tonight The couple released a music video for their duet.