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Sandhana Kaatre Song Lyrics - Thanikattu Raja

Rafi was quite flat in that. This list can never feel complete. He is loved by every one he worked with across all the film industries. Just goes on to prove that there is no singer who can be best in all.

Sandhana Kaatre Karaoke Thanikattu Raja Karaoke

Shankar Another thing about Vaanengum is the drum fills are so loose, esp first interlude, almost improvised. Only I knew how I made Rafi sing that song. Download WordPress Themes Free. Vijayakanth as Azhagiri Gouthami as Raasathi R. Just look how he ended first charanam and how Janaki ended second charanam.

Koondhalile from Baala nagamma as well. Take for example, this number from Dharma Dhurai. Apparently the movie was not released. Azhagiri then begged the police to stay in the hospital for few more days. He says he did four reels each of all three films by end of day.

Sandhana Kaatre Senthamil Lyrics

Vaali Sandhana Kaatre Song Lyrics. Other Sandhana Maariye Songs. Thendral Kaatre MalaysiaVasudevan lyrics. Apart from the songs listed by you and the other posters here, wwe triple h music I wish to add one more to this list and this is for Suman.

Certainly the more versatile in my book. From Rajakumaran, I would also give a shout out to Kaatule. Orphaned articles from March All orphaned articles.

But I love Ola Kudisayile the most as it has a tinge of pathos to go with the fun. Kaadhodu thaan nee paadum oosai Neengaadha aasai hoi hoi neengaadha aasai. But what range and capability. The trouble with Rafi that he has some undeserved reputation of being classically trained when he had nothing to show for when compared to Lata.

Both available in YouTube Like Like. Another unheralded Karthik beauty.

Which is a pity because some, maybe many, of these songs are a lot of fun. Her voice grates my ears and I feel many wonderful songs have been rendered un-listenable as a result. For Kamal, this is my pick. My picks are ilavattam and oru paakku veththala.

You talk as if it can be scientifically proved. The movie was Kannil Theriyum Kathaigal. Octave range can be measured if you can play a musical instrument or can name pitch by ear.

Ilayaraja75 His lesser-known songs for Tamil heroes

Eg Kalvane from Megha album. But even so, I had not heard many of the song he listed.

Also V, loved your mention of Punnagaiyil Minsaram. Hallmark of a great song is the longevity. Poattadhellam vetri kollu from Bharathan was a cool number too.

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With the roles he was playing at that time, what could one expect in terms of lyrics! Azhagiri is now cured and sees Vijay the in the same hospital, who was also a patient. Azhagiri first killed Viswanath in a public place and was therefore arrested for the crime and was sentenced to the death penalty.

Sandhana Kaatre Song Lyrics - Thanikattu Raja

Wonderful veena-piano interplay in ludes. Now just to take a small example. Let agree to disagree and move on. Santhana kaatrae Senthamizh ootrae Sandhosa paatae vaa vaa. This is more drawn out and slow unlike say Arachha Santhanam which is the typical tempo he likes to use in rural songs.

Manages to fit in some stylish solo violin in an out and out dance song. Unfortunately it comes with something to give up too. Kallathanamaga was a nice song.

Whatever it be, he only has the natural likeness of voice now. Actually I sort of believe he prepared the Tamil music world for Rahman by modernising it as much as it could have been without changing its film music character. Take Kann Sivanthaal Mann Sivakkum.

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