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This may be of use as the plug-in turns off the mode and sets the system levels back to the non-pushed mode when the plug-in's window is closed. Well I'll try sending the crash report tomorrow and be grateful for any help. This will make the plug-in attempt to run this output as soon as it is started or when the option is checked if not already running when checked.

But of course it is not possible to disconnect each time before a live show. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. Enables or disables connection logging.

Broadcasting through a third-party server or stream hosting solution

This will reset the log everytime the plug-in starts. Enter this here, and make sure there are no mistakes. Thing is I wasn't playing live for some time and I found out about this crash just now. This allows you to choose between using Winamp or your soundcard usually the line-in as the input source for the output stream the plug-in makes. This is the number of seconds for the plug-in to wait in-between any connection attempts which fail before it will try again.

SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp 5.x

Setting Soundcard Input and not switching back allows to broadcast for few hrs. This will enable creating a log file based on the following options of the known next tracks to be played by Winamp. Don't leave without your download!

The installer will detect the Winamp install on your machine and will then install it to the correct location. For both these products, you can monetize your radio station and access the Radio Manager Online. This is useful if you have connected a device to the machine and now want to use it. This is being investigated though is not clear if there will be a solution for this.

However, it can be a bit difficult to set up. Here, you can configure the server, encoder, and audio settings that you will broadcast with. Congratulations, you have begun to stream audio!

The team at Shoutcast have been extremely supportive of our radio stations. Use the new Shoutcast radio manager. Discover our wide range of solutions to create, host and broadcast your station anywhere you like with Shoutcast whether through us or self-hosting. Once again, wilcom es 2006 software this must be set properly or else you will be unable to connect. The only thing that changed is that it plays longer before crash.

Share your music online with this Winamp plug-in

Audience Monetization Enable monetization of your station with our partner Targetspot, locally or worldwide, using our ad-stitching technology. We're getting started with radionomy's new system, it doesn't appear to support relays but I emailed our support person to see if they will do that. This tab allows you to specify how the stream metadata is gathered from Winamp or if it is manually entered with the options provided. Discover the pioneer in online radio streaming. Most likely you will be provided with a user id only if it is applicable to your setup.

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This is the url for the stream allowing listeners to view or get more information. By using our site, you consent to cookies. When the configuration window is closed then any active connections will be closed. This will enable options as applicable based also on the mode the plug-in is set to run as.

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Depending upon the selection made additional options will be shown below. Is there any solution for this crash?

In this field, you need to enter the port that was given to you in your welcome email. Once you have highlighted the proper row, a dialog box will pop up. Free Download for Windows. This will send the image as selected in the box below to the server to act as the station or stream image. You need to set the password that was given to you in your welcome email, or the one that you changed it to.

Certain file titles leak but at least now it's consistently sending the primary track metadata the previous version did not except with manual title updates. If you stream at a bitrate higher than what you have ordered, we will send you a warning email, and your account may be deactivated. When enabled this button will appear in an activated state. If this limit is reached then the artwork will not be sent and instead the server will get a clear artwork message.

This will clear the log file if it exists. It makes for a really easy multifunction music collection. Find More Posts by MrSinatra. Create and broadcast your radio station to any device, worldwide. Crashing without report being created.

Exception handler called in Winamp. Here, you need to enter the server that was given to you in the welcome email you received from ViaStreaming. John Soulpark soulsideradio.

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Select the genre from the arrow button menu. Manage your station wherever you are. Frequently asked questions. When the soundcard input is selected then this allows for control over the sample rate used on the input source. Dear Winamp fans, As you might have heard, Winamp recently changed ownership.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. This is the password required for accessing the server if set on the server. Once the download has completed, you will need to install the software.