The Hab Theory

Working backward the theorist calculated previous pivot points and previous ice caps. Geological Society of America Bulletin.

Fifty feet from the table is a library of thousands of metal pages, each page standing on a block made of the same material from which the chairs were made. My only excuses are lack of vision and lack of funds.

The table is surrounded by seven chairs made of an unknown material. Or it could rise and set in the same direction if the Earth capsized and shifted in certain ways during the capsize.

None of the items listed can prove that the Earth capsizes every few thousand years. According to an interviewee Ryan and Cassidy interviewed earlier, the wave might hit within the next year. It is to, put it mildly, both uncanny and unnerving and leaves me with the feeling that H. In a German archaeologist named Wilhelm Konig discovered urns used as batteries at the site of ancient Babylonia, near Baghdad, Iraq. They got points for knowing that Yellowstone was a supervolcano, but lost them for that.

Several giant human footprints were discovered in granite near Brayton, in Bledsoe County Tennessee. Determining the truth of the items listed is beyond the scope of this article. He may be right but since we can't tell when a galactic wave will hit, it could be tomorrow, in a hundred years, or in a few thousand years.

Orts Global Warming is Good -- The HAB Theory

The hab theoryThe hab theory

The near future will be interesting. The only known projectile that leaves this kind of smooth, round hole without radial cracks is a bullet because of its velocity. Broken Hill Rhodesian Man New insight into an old skull refutes the theory that the item is a Neanderthal skull with a bullet hole. Bernhardt of the Heimathaus Museum in Vocklabruck. It shows Greenland as two islands with no ice cap.

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Boardman stages a clever faux assassination attempt on the President of the United States as a ruse to draw attention to his theory. Velikovsky's catastrophes seem to occur due to close encounters between Earth and other planetary objects. In Willard Gray, a scientist at General Electric, studied Konig's find, replicated it, and had working batteries. No traces outside or inside Egypt can confirm any of these suggestions. The climactic and geographical chaos destroys existing civilizations and most life on the planet.

The hab theory

Pole shift news, are we looking at a cataclysmic event? Foster, I got your last post by email but didn't see it on the blog. Spread zinc powder and cover it with mercury. It's about an iron asteroid about two kilometers across that's on a collision course with Earth. Eckert, provides some insight into the lack of scientific support in his letter.

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The hab theory

The book explores a version of pole shift hypothesis postulated by Professor Charles Hapgood in two volumes, plus the book Cataclysms of the Earth by Hugh Auchincloss Brown. Had Darwin been in possession of the information we possess, I have no doubt he would have included and accounted for it in his theory. The Hab Theory certainly accounts for a lot of them. It seemed amazing to encounter that idea in my current book at the same time we were discussing the idea on this blog.

Browns original book that The Hab Theory was based on. The purpose of this article is to increase awareness of the theory. In the case of The Hab Theory however, there doesn't seem to be a lot we can do to either prevent or survive it. With the exit of the space-time warping concept, spire 2.0 8 we may also get rid of the idea of worm holes.

The Internet references are offered to show that Eckert did not invent the items as well as to provide additional information. The Earth's rotational orientation changed such that hot and cold areas switched positions, and the elevation of areas on the Earth's surface changed. These areas are only connected by frigid seas. Yeahright shows that if he moves pictures of the Earth's surface around he can find features from different locations that appear to line up with each other. These advanced medical practices were old knowledge in ancient times.

According to Arthur Ryan, the build up of ice actually results from rise in global temps that contribute to the desalination of the oceans. Newer Post Older Post Home. When that happens, another ice age will ensue. Now imagine dripping melted wax on the top off to one side from the center.

The granite is hundreds of millions of years old. An analysis of the holes indicated whatever made them is what killed the man. As we overpopulate the planet, pollute, destroy the atmosphere's ozone protection, and use up natural resources our future looks bleaker. Working backward from the present he identified at least nine previous Earth capsizes.

Hi Brian, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. It has now been over seven thousand years since the last capsizing, which is longer than any previously-identified period between capsizes. He had a double row of teeth, both upper and lower. The earth's rotation acts on these unsymetrically deposited masses, and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The ice was just beginning to crack there when Mr Eckert wrote Hab but he had to put it in a novel to get any attention at all.

It never gets warm enough at the poles for much of the ice to melt, thus the polar ice caps grow. So be careful what you wish for. There are countless chambers containing artifacts. Dave, I encountered a pretty neat coincidence last night.

The following lines from Agastya Samhita illustrate the electrical cell. So I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you.

The HAB Theory