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Luca approaches Donner in prison, implying that he has lost faith in the Director. David alerts MacLaren when Marcy does not come home, who is able to find and rescue the team with Officer Boyd. During a fight between Trevor and the other guy, Trevor possibly experiences a slippage of time, where his friend is able to connect with a punch. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Philip discovers that gambling outcomes are deviating slightly from the historic record. MacLaren recovers in time to stage a cover story for Forbes, claiming that Philip is MacLaren's confidential informant and went rogue to prove that MacLaren's life is insecure.

At the end of the episode it is revealed that Will Traveler is alive, on his own, and carrying one of the paintings from the bombed museum. The discovery of a murdered Traveler team puts Mac on the trail of Vincent. Under pressure, Will reveals the events of the day of the Drexler bombing and his plan to leave the country with Maya after the job had been done. Jeff, confronting the Travelers with his knowledge of their existence, is overwritten by a new Traveler. Trevor and Philip learn the team has a new mission.

There they meet Maya, Will's girlfriend, who reveals more about Will's past and the fact that they both worked for a secret organization. The series focuses on a group of elite operatives from the far future who are tasked with preventing a global cataclysm that wiped out most of humanity. MacLaren and Forbes arrest Hall and Luca, and the team transfers the device. Grace, Trevor's guidance counselor, and Jacqueline, Carly's social worker, genuinely care about them, respectively.

The team learns that Traveler is still alive when the Faction tries to capture him. After failing to upgrade their containment device, the team returns the antimatter to its origin facility. Bloom reveals that the future has been subtly rewritten and is not as united as it once was. Jay and Tyler return to New York hoping to uncover new information. Trevor quits football to focus on his grades, but is grounded.

MacLaren lets Marcy decide, and she decides to speak to David first. Appearing as his girlfriend Maya is Sonja Bennett. MacLaren meets his wife, Kat, but also resumes a preexisting relationship with Carly.

Afterwards, Traveler disappears and there is no evidence that he ever existed. Charlotte, the misfire historian, is overwritten and murders her team. While on the run and trying to clear their own names, they attempt to delve into Will Traveler's past in hopes of discovering Will's motives for turning on his friends.

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Hall is able to relay information from when he was tracking his team's historian showing he ran into a faction team and was shot climbing a fence. Marcy hopes the Director will send a Traveler medical team to save David but no help arrives. However, as with anything connected to Netflix, fans must still play the mystery waiting game for the official word.

He reveals that it was Kyle and Luca from his own team that shot him. Jeff reaches out to his police sergeant to get his job back and is told to get help from a social worker first. She wants to correct Marcy's condition with an experimental overwrite. Jay and Tyler manage to reach the retreat of Tyler's father, Carlton, who is a wealthy businessman has had his own trouble with the law. The traveler within Gleason fires the laser while MacLaren and his team save Delaney from the antimatter explosion on Bloom's orders.

Use mdy dates from December Wikipedia articles in need of updating from January All Wikipedia articles in need of updating. Marcy erases Kat's memory of the crash and of the preceding day, and stages her home to make it appear as if she had drunk too much the night before. Kat has complications with the pregnancy.

Hall is told he saved them all and is able to pass away in peace knowing that. The material's intended recipient is a new traveler who fails to prevent his host's suicide, forcing the team to improvise. Marcy puts herself in a near-death state to recover her lost memories from when she was reset. The mission is going smoothly, but the team is ambushed and killed by the Faction. She attempts to assassinate Grace, but Trevor stops her.

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The relationships are getting deeper. Perrow dies but they believe had access to a transfer device since in the future he helped construct one and as a result they are unsure where his consciousness now resides.

Now, with that world well and truly established, all the breaks are being pulled for season two. That will be evident by the end of the season premiere. MacLaren's team, the cult, and many other travelers, including senior engineer Bloom, meet at the antimatter facility. During their lovemaking, MacLaren hallucinates that Kat is a woman with very short hair, with Carly's number tattooed on her neck. Still in New York, naomi 3.2.90 Jay and Tyler go their separate ways after an argument.

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Mac investigates a mass arrival of Travelers, while also trying to repair his marriage with Kat. Under orders, a traveler murders her host's Cabinet -member husband, and instructs MacLaren to board a flight as Congressman Bishop's seatmate. Meanwhile, Will turns further against his employers, moving to bring them down and avenge the death of his girlfriend.

After Rene attempts to shoplift some clothes with Trevor and another friend, Trevor confronts the two outside, in an alley. Jay and Tyler comply but Ellington turns on them on the road and aims to kill them.