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In Use Somebody, the third book of the Fix You series, Beck Anderson spins a funny, entertaining, and often heart-pounding story. At one point or another we all use somebody, and get used by somebody, hindi karaoke tracks esnips and this story showed this brilliantly. Vance Use Somebody is a beautifully written Dark Love story. Love becomes real when the ideal fades away.

And the whole theme with music was amazing. It was slow at first but once I got through the first few chapters I couldn't put it down!

Vance becomes one of Scarlett's best friends and the one person she can rely on that won't expect too much out of her. Jeremy works in Hollywood and is use to getting what he wants. Sometimes she is to stubborn the accept it and that maked me so mad with her because she almost lose everything. Scarlett struggles to overcome what happened to her and tries to find herself again.

All the side characters were much needed too. Jeremy was an awesome Alpha, who soon realised that his c A new author for me and it was the synopsis and and Cover that caught my attention. Open Preview See a Problem?

The relationship between Scarlett and Vance started off rocky, but was quickly a relationship of best friends, comfort levels, and witty repartee. She's not impressed by him, and sasses him right back. This is the first time that I've read Beck Anderson, and it won't be the last.

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She went through some truly horrific situations, stuff I would not wish on my worst enemy. There was some truly great writing in this behemoth of a book.

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You tell me what she likes, I'll tell you the way into her boudoir. Then she meets Vance and he slowly brings her back to life. We see humanity at its best and worst in this story. But can her walls of defiance keep charming and elusive Gabriel out? This is why, you have to read it if you haven't yet, in order to relate with me and all these readers who went crazy after reading it.

If they had been in the book it would have taken away from the amazing story! What a beautifully written story, I loved it.

Jeremy King has become the best Hollywood agent to the stars, as he knows that sharks gotta swim. Will Vance be persistent enough to make the impossible possible? We chase the butterflies and try to capture the perfect moments. Rosie was so lucky to have him and she did treat him bad and his friends saw it but he knew deep down she didn't mean to. It takes a lot of work of Jeremy, something he normally doesn't have to do when it comes to women, but it makes him appreciate Macy that much more.

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They had a lot to work through but it was fun to watch them as they pottered their way towards a relationship that was only ever destined to be beautiful. These may not be the most mainstream bands, but if you are an alternative rock lover, these hits may cause extreme giddiness.

Contradictory, yes, but oh so fitting. It happens all too often that these girls have these hardcore issues, but after the guy making a couple passes at them, they all but trust him with their lives. Have you ever watched a really good female bartender?

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Problems playing this file? The conversations are real, and there is humour, pain, sadness, jealousy and a whole load of emotions. The characters were amazing and I just loved all the laughing I did while reading.

Too often the books I see on library or bookstore shelves are written with the goal of sales in mind rather than for the pure enjoyment of a good book. It will effect you long after the final page. It's been months since I read it, and I still really have no idea what to say, or what to type out to review this book. If Jeremy noticed small things while they spent time together then maybe as a build-up it would have been better.

Over ice cream, music, and a handful of moments, he slowly earns her trust. There was nothing predictable or boring! Rarely ever do I come across a book that captures my soul and heart. The wordi Scar traded in her cute curls and bubbly personality for an edgy emo look. For straitlaced Scarlett Rossi, college was supposed to be all about finding herself.

And boy, what a roller coaster of emotions! Her best friend, Lexi was the complete opposite and was always trying to change Scarlett, have her let l This is Riley Jean's debut novel and I thought it was wonderfully written. Unfortunately, the author tried to tell way too many stories. Macy was a hard woman to like.

Still, it'll always be there, a constant visual reminder that you'll never again be quite right. It threw me for a loop, but it was a pleasant surprise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And I actually wanna say someone is lying if they say this is Riley Jean's first novel. Seeing Scarlett transform to Scar was heartbreaking but her finding herself and friends along the way made it exciting.

But now, looking at the sky and trees and earth before us, I could only wonder, what kind of life could I have without this? She has built a brick wall around her heart and vowed to never let anyone in again. Vance swept my heart away.