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How much will this Hardware cost for us? We also reply to you by email. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. But do you use it for single case only?

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The reminder for the password is still on but either I dont know the password anymore. Most of this companies just taking advantage of peoples desperate loss of data, and raise their prices to criminal hights. Also, I am from Nigeria how can I get this tool and probably resell for you.

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This is why we contact you guys. Todo Backup Advanced Server.

Hello Daniel, we will introduce to you one trusted supplier at affordable price for your recovery request, thank you for contacting Dolphin Data Lab. Thank you for your interest in this question. How can I buy one here in Brazil?

Take utmost care while rubbing and cleaning. My Hard Disk Drive just got corrupted due to electricity fluctuation. Is there any solution you would suggest? So your drive needs further diagnosed, sir. Alarming click sounds did emerge suddenly and after restart, no no boot up was possible at all.

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So please help me with suitable solutions. Contact Us Dolphin Data Lab One-stop data recovery tools and advanced data recovery training courses.

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If there are too many bad sectors, the scanning process will be stuck. Our tool supports direct password removal or bypass, but not supporting smartware encryption yet. The drive has warned of corrupt files lots of times.

If you are interested in reselling our tools, you can please email to us your company details and we will consider it too. But instead, it always make a beeping noise whenever I plugged it.

Where can i find this product in my country? But before we recommend the best option to you, can you confirm if you recover only one drive with our tools? Add a review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Fast, complete and safe hard drive data recovery software to recover your data in easy steps. Free download this software and follow to see how to perform Western digital recovery with ease now. Thank you very much for your interest in Dolphin data recovery tools. You can email to sales dolphindatalab.

Please check your email and looking forward to your reply. But it is not the recommended way because it will cause data loss disaster.

Prices for short work a computer does, whilst a person does other stuff and just let the computer transfer the data to another HardDrive. When you are using a Western Digital hard disk, data recovery knowledge is quite necessary for the event of data loss issues since none of the hard drives producers provides data recovery. Dokter Harddisk Indonesia Jl. If the disk is badly damaged that it is impossible to repair the bad sectors, naomi 3.2.90 your wise choice is to replace the disk and restore lost data as much as possible. No data recovery software so far in the data recovery market can handle firmware corruption data recovery cases.

Any more question is welcome. Quisieramos saber en detalle de lo que nos pueden ofrecer y costos Muchas gracias Daniel. What is the price of the product? If these groove end plastics are not letting cable to connect properly or only power is connected without data lines this can happen.

Dry the cleaned surface with a dryer and screw back all screws and cover the upper part as well. Hello Sir, i have a My Book Essential wich i cant access now.

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Wd hard drive repair

Can you tell us where you are from and we may have local sales and support center for you. Thank you very much for your questions. With the continuous growth in the digital media availability, all this information must be stored somewhere.

Or the password is correct but does not work. Halo, Bgaimana sy bs mendapatkan alat untuk memperbaiki hdd sy. Any more question is welcome to sales dolphindatalab. All you need to do is to wait for the process to complete. Copy your data off the drive at your earliest convenience.

Can this problem be resolved? Kindly send me the price of the same. The drives customers sending to us are usually inaccessible or wrongly detected and sometimes you can even hear clicking noises inside. My location is ─░stanbul, Turkey. How do we grade questions?